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Planning and Preparation

A Broadband Advisory Council was utilized to receive information on nuances relative to implementing the project and for decision making on purchases and topics to be delivered for Grant Parish residents. This effort specifically targeted government, non-profit, and businesses in order to avoid duplication of other efforts and to concentrate on the 'audiences' most engaged in private sector activity and/or community-based economic development. The flexibility of the project requirements allowed for adjustment from classroom settings to one-on-one appointments over the course of the project, so as to best advance business development without interupting prime business activities.


Consistency, Networking and Marketing

Ideally, while this has been conducted as an effort to improve Broadband presence from  Grant Parish business, government, and non-profit participation, our inclusion of marketing and business development components in the presentations and training materials helped to increase the attractiveness of the project for local participation.


With limited reliable Broadband infrastructure within Grant Parish, this approach provided simple incentive for entrepreneurs to build their business presence.


Further, the creation of an e-Network through a Connect Grant for Greatness FaceBook page has encouraged these participants and other counterparts in the area to engage socially, online, as a marketing function.

Training assistance and guidance

The initial efforts included sharing presentations to create awareness of the need for Broadband and the utility of resources available by using Broadband.


As time passed, the training included presentations of framework to lead individuals through the process for understanding appropriate approaches for an online presence that are considerate of branding and marketing, of such ease that html code writing is unnecessary and users can embrace simple website construction building, and economical to adopt as an ongoing practice and component of business marketing.







1. Broadband 101

2. Media Alternatives

3. Your Broadband Toolkit

4. Build IT!

5. E-Compete

6. Lagniappe

Topics Covered



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