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B & L Gifts and Flea Market found on Google Profile 


B&L Gifts and Flea Markets' owner had embraced online opportunities with FaceBook timelines/group/page, Yahoo and online white pages, and now with an updated Google profile so customers can find his US Hwy 165 location in Pollock, LA. With this prime site adjacent to a major thoroughfare, the Google profile has recently netted him a California visitor travelling from Alexandria to Monroe, LA to stop in as a new customer.

Montgomery, LA integrates WIX and FaceBook for public outreach


Using a new static (and free, which matters to a financially strict, small, rural community) site for official services, along with integration to its FaceBook page, allows Montgomery, LA to link residents and visitors to online platforms. The site offers perpetually accessible information and invites interaction through the FaceBook page for postings, photos, events and digital involvement in the community by use of social media.

The Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce experienced a change in leadership and shortly thereafter a missing domain. Having lost their online presence, the Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce is now building its impending membership drive by using its new FaceBook site and new web page (still under construction using, just in time for its Fall activities (including a membership drive) and has recently migrated this site to its own (paid) domain name.

FaceBook is this business owner's online presence of choice. Directing customers at her physical site to 'play' on FaceBook by using a QR code-laden flyer at her point of sale to give her customers instant opportunity via mobile phone scanning applications (widely available) to link, like, favorite, and return (via history) to her online page for reading the full menu (posted at 'About'), reviewing updates on daily specials and promotions, and participating in contests.

Georgetown, LA links e-Commerce


Cajun Sweet Treats & Eats invites 'play' with customers


Participant Projects...

and successes!


Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce rebuilds with an online re-boot and membership event


Revenue for any enterprise, public or private sector, is important for cash

management and

for delivering and maintaining services. Online opportunities for receiving payments

(linked on their site) allows the municipality timeliness in receiving payments, and the customer benefits from convenience.

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